January 27, 2020 start of trading on CLIMATECRON.COM

  • Successful demonstration work in the territory of UAE

    Our company managed to show good results of demonstration work. Records have been set for the amount of precipitation in the Emirates, according to the NCM report from 19 of May, 60 mm of precipitation in the area of Al Khazna, 4 days of rain in May set the best indicators in the history of the UAE. 
    Lowering the temperature by 7 degrees and good weather for all people of the Emirates have become a pleasant gift for Ramadan!

    You can see all the information about our project here

    June 27, 2019
    Climate Global Control Trading

  • Technology for the regulation of climatic processes

    Exclusively for the government

    Creation a unique service under climatic features of the area. Special software and unlimited capabilities

  • Success of our work in the territory of Iran

    Our company was working on increase of precipitation in Iran in the region of Kerman province from July to September 2014.

    The result of our work has been the increase of precipitation in 8-50 times compared to the same period in previous years.

    You can see all the information about our project here

  • Our services in climate change

    Our company is ready to offer you following services:

    - Changing maximum and average temperature in a given territory.

    - Increase in natural water resources and precipitations

    - The creation and filling of reservoirs.

    - Decrease in the amount of dust storms.

    - Decrease in the intensity of dust storms.

    - Elimination of factors generating dust storms.

    - Changing in average levels of precipitation in a given area.

    - Rise of groundwater level.

    - Reduction of groundwater salinity.

    Please, contact our representative in UAE for additional information

Innovative Technology for Weather Management fully complies with The Environmental Modification Convention (ENMOD), formally the Convention on the Prohibition of Military or Any Other Hostile Use of Environmental Modification, which is one of the main UN documents prohibiting its participants from military or any other hostile influence on the environment, through the deliberate management of natural processes in the biosphere, hydrosphere, the Earth's atmosphere and near-Earth space.

Successfully completed our research work in the area of the Gulf

In agreement of our company and Abu Dhabi, was a task to deposit precipitation in the territory of the UAE in the period of end of May to July of 2015.

Before the start of the work, our company prepared several documents about our steps of solving the task, which we were following during the demonstration work. For example, through our work was formed a cyclone ASHOOBA, which was transferred from the Indian ocean to the coast of Oman, and which brought a huge amount of precipitation to the territory of Gulf and UAE in particular.Through our work temperature in the region was decreased significantly, was increased humidity and other climate conditions became much comfortable. The effect was saved till several weeks, but every day after the end of our work was getting less and less.

Many of independent sources, such as NOAA, PMD and others, confirmed the significant increase of precipitation (up to 800% of normal) in the desired area.

For better understanding of our work we attach some NON-CONFIDENTIAL documents and ready to answer any questions.


1) Project of our Scenarios on the first half of the demonstatrion work.
2) Project of our Scenarios on the second half of the demonstatrion work.

The history of ASHOOBA development from "Pakistan Meteorological Department"

4) Example of the forecast of moving the ASHOOBA made by www.weatheronline.co.uk from 07.06.2015, which matches to our scenarios, made in the end of May.
5) Link on Wikipedia about ASHOOBA
6) Effects of our work on the examples of Mass Media:
- Rain and hailstorms lash northern parts of Oman on June 5, 2015
- Weekend hail, thunderstorms to be followed by more rain in UAE on June 7, 2015
- UAE coast spared brunt of cyclone Ashooba on June 11, 2015
7) Report of independent meteorologist about climate changes in the UAE during our work

Press-office "Climate Global Control Trading", Dubai, UAE, 03.09.2015

Statement of the Company

We present the exclusive commercial project of the leading developer of the super high-end technologies, that is ahead all of the possible competitors for 30-50 years. Commercial project is provided by us as a product, demonstrating the capacity of the long-term cooperation in the field of development of new technologies. Technologies that have no analogues in the present and in the near future.

Special attention!

Company "Climate Global Control Trading" has no regional offices and authorized dealers and partners with the right to sign contracts on behalf of the Company.
Be careful cases of fraud, when individuals and organizations are trying to give themselves as representatives of our company. Today prevented all attempts by the police.
Thank you to all the police and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Weather and climate change.

Present global challenges to the sustainable development of mankind, including environmental, climatic, demographic problems and food safety issues, as well as depletion of natural resources, terrorism, new diseases and other threats, generate a broad demand for technological innovation.

What are the global challenges that require immediate cooperation between the scientific community, business and governments around the world? Can innovation be the solution to global problems? How can we encourage innovation in areas where competition and commercial gain do not play a role, for instance, to ensure conservation of biodiversity and safe drinking water resources, remediation of soil and recovery of natural resource potential?

Alan AtKisson Founder, President, AtKisson Group; Co-president, The Balaton Group