MOEW Launches Several Advanced E-Services and Projects for its Customer Service and Employees in GITEX 2012

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The Ministry of Environment and Water has participated in GITEX 2012. Following the guidelines of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and the Ruler of Dubai -may Allah protect him, the Ministry was located on the platform designated for the Federal Entities at the Dubai World Trade Centre, during October 14th- 18th, 2012.

The Ministry’s participation comes to support the UAE strategy and direction of the government to provide high quality services to meet the needs of customers and to provide more easier and faster options to complete all the procedures and operations in an efficient way to achieve the ministry's mission and vision for 2013-2016.

Mr. Abdullah Al Naqi, the Director of Information Technology Department at the Ministry, said that the purpose of the participation in such huge event is to inform the public about projects and electronic services provided by the ministry for its employees and customers, where around 32 electronic services were launched for fisheries, including fishing boat license renewal, and fishing equipment factory licensing service, etc., and visitors have shown their interest in these advanced leading services in such domain.

The ministry also launched the project "Tamam" to manage the laboratory systems based on the quality system ISO 17025, which aims to raise the efficiency of veterinary and agricultural quarantine at state level, and is characterized by ensuring efficient laboratory processes by transferring the lab results directly from the devices to ports, through linking central and secondary laboratories in the airports, seaports, and ports, in addition to the fast and simplified procedures that are completed within a test results data base which facilitates the trade through the ports.

During GITEX 2012, the ministry also launched the project "Murasalati", which aims to create an electronic work environment that is paper-free, allowing customers to easily communicate and exchange data accurately and quickly through the system, and to keep confidential data and business processes as well as easy retrieval of transactions and official letters, as well as standardization of tools used in the preparation of official letters, attestation, and then it saves them in archives through the consolidation of all the procedures in a single system from which includes editing, confirmations and electronic archiving operations. This project in particular was highly praised by the audience.

Through its electronic projects, the ministry launched the new interface of the "Internal Portal" project that is specified to provide services for the ministry employees and staff services. The system works on documenting all kinds of various knowledge sources such as news, events, activities, and photos. It will also initiate an electronic knowledge library configured for the ease of access to information, on a departmental and a sectional level. In addition, the portal aims to reflect the identity of the ministry in terms of design and theme colors, and the use of the latest technologies to facilitate the changing requirements of various departments and presenting them on a unified portal for all employees and staff, and to maintain the confidentiality of stored files.

And in a new initiative that is presented for the first time, the new website for the initiative “Nakheelna” was launched during GITEX 2012. This initiative aims to achieve the ministry's strategy in enhancing food security and bio-security by maintaining the palm trees and to develop mechanisms to combat agricultural pests, specifically palm pests. The site includes a definition of the initiative, its goals, news and events to which they relate, in addition to an visual library of the types of dates and palm trees, as well as research papers and studies related to palm trees and the pests that affects them.

The team of the Ministry of Environment and Water have toured the exhibition to know more about the initiatives and projects of the federal government, local departments, and global IT and telecommunications companies that have participated in the exhibition; in order to exchange experiences and information, to benefit from their modern electronic projects, and to strengthen cooperation with other entities. The team also invited employees of participating entities and institutions to visit the ministry’s platform to take a look at the electronic services provided.