The first results of our work

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The Basic rains connected with passage of cold front, as usual, have got to the western areas ЕТР. In the Tver, Smolensk and Oryol areas has dropped out from 7 to 9 mm of deposits, in the Bryansk region – to 18 mm. The front has crossed Moscow around midnight. Its passage was accompanied by a thunder-storm and a storm rain. In Mihajlovsky squall of 22 km/s was marked.

At the All-Russia Exhibition Centre has dropped out to 4 mm of deposits that it is possible to name a destiny gift. Because other meteorological stations of a city and area have received less than 1 mm of a moisture. Has possibly worked effect of a megacity with well heated-up asphalt and a considerable quantity of kernels of condensation. Afterwards behind front the fresh air weight which has improved an ecological situation has come.

Atmosphere became more transparent, has considerably freshened up. In the morning the face-to-face section has moved on the Moscow suburbs east. However the further road on the east to it is blocked by a high-level anticyclone with the center in the south of Privolzhsky district.

Therefore the front "hangs" in capital region. Against a heat and growth of atmospheric pressure today and tomorrow it will continue to be washed away and influence weather of capital region. With it an intermittent rain will be connected with thunder-storms which will pass in places and will improve a humidifying mode. The light breeze of northern quarter will support ecological balance. Thus the heat though remains at level of record values, but will be not so extreme – nearby 34 °. We will remind that the absolute maximum for this day makes 34,1 ° and is registered in 1972. And the day before in Moscow 20th is established under the account a temperature record of this summer – 34,4 °.