Great employee wellness practices in UAE

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Dubai: At the National Bank of Fujairah, employees don’t need to deal with their personal problems alone.

Through the bank’s employee wellbeing programme (EWP), the staff and their immediate family members who may be facing issues that are difficult to handle have a round-the-clock access to qualified experts, from psychologists to independent financial advisers.

Centre for Meteorology warns of low visibility

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Abu Dhabi: The National Centre for Meteorology and Seismology (NCMS) has issued a statement warning of low horizontal visibility in various parts of the country due to dust and sand as a result of winds, which have also led to rough seas.

The Centre issued a statement warning seafarers in the Arabian Gulf and Gulf of Oman to be cautious, with forecasts showing severe disturbances at sea and waves reaching six to nine feet.

Cyclone Nanauk changes course in Arabian Sea

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Al Ain: Tropical Cyclone 02A (Nanauk) on Thursday changed its predicted course slightly towards the north, baffling forecasters about its track and intensity.

The cyclone, initially expected to make landfall in Oman between Ras Al Hadd and Ras Madrakah, has appeared to be tilted towards the Al Ashkharah, north of Masirah Island, and even further north towards the Ras Al Jinz in the north-east of the country, according to the US Navy’s Joint Typhoon Warning Centre (JTWC).

Massive sandstorm, record winds hit Tehran

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Tehran: A massive sandstorm and record winds on Monday plunged the Iranian capital into darkness, damaging buildings, knocking out power supplies and causing widespread disruption.

The freak weather which struck at 5:10pm (1240 GMT) sent residents dashing for cover as debris swept across streets and snapped trees. State media reported 120km per hour winds.

Early reports did not give details of casualties or damage, but experts on state television warned Tehranis to stay indoors.