Thunderstorms hit parts of UAE

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Al Ain: Thunderstorms accompanied by moderate to heavy rain yesterday (Sunday) lashed Al Dhaid, Falaj Al Mualla and parts of Sharjah and Fujairah emirates, waterlogging roads and low-lying areas.

Residents in Al Dhaid said the thunderstorm was severe but people enjoyed the short rainy spell. “It’s a rare happening and my children enjoyed playing in the rain,” said Mushtaq Ahmad, a resident of Al Dhaid. He said the weather had been hazy and partly cloudy since morning.

UAE government supports farmers with fund

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Abu Dhabi: The form of financial support extended to farmers has changed over the years in the UAE.

Earlier, the government provided financial subsidies for every aspect of farming but now, new policies focus on making farmers self-reliant.

New government programmes aim to encourage farmers to be competitive in the market and an agriculture investment fund announced by the Abu Dhabi Farmers Services’ Centre (ADFSC) late last year saw an approximate Dh100 million fund to support and finance modern farming techniques.

An opportunity to abolish climate-apartheid

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Delegates taking part in Abu Dhabi Ascent should pledge to adopt plans that will keep the global temperature rise below 2°Celsius

The roads in Delhi are wet due to untimely rains followed by oven-hot temperatures. Undeterred by these climatic drama, a woman with a frail malnourished child on her hip begs by spreading her arm in front of a car waiting for a green signal, pleading “please help, give something, at least for my child”. We are likely to hear a similar language — albeit with a demanding tone — in Abu Dhabi today when developing countries, holding a paper in one hand and pointing another towards the developed countries say, “we need finances to adapt and mitigate climate change, at least for the future of our children and particularly those from poor developing countries”.

UAE State of Energy Report to be ready for 2015

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Dubai: The UAE Ministry of Energy and the Dubai Carbon Centre of Excellence (DCCE) will prepare a state of energy report for the UAE as the country strives to diversify energy sources and reduce carbon emissions.

Dr Mattar Hamed Al Neyadi, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Energy, has signed a three-year memorandum of understanding on behalf of the ministry with DCCE.

Dr Al Neyadi said the State of Energy Report in the UAE will become a reference book that will document best practices and success stories in the energy sector.