Tropical storm may lead to fresh UAE weather warning

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The developing Cyclone Ashobaa off the coast of Oman was being monitored by forecasters on Tuesday morning in case fresh weather warnings need to be issued in the UAE.

The tropical storm has been increasing in intensity over the Arabian Sea and is predicted to strengthen as it edges closer to Oman during the next 24 hours.

A National Centre of Meteorology and Seismology spokesman said the storm had moved in a north and north-westerly direction, towards the Arabian Peninsula, from its original position at the eastern edges of the Arabian Sea.

Meteorologists remain unsure how the cyclone will influence weather patterns across the UAE during the next two days, although Tuesday is likely to be a relatively calm day, with hazy, partly cloudy weather across eastern areas of the Emirates.

Daytime temperatures are expected to peak at 47C in the north and inland, but it will be slightly cooler on coastal areas at around 39C.

Humidity is expected to increase overnight, with a chance of mist or fog patches developing from the west.