Actions, not words, will tackle climate change

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The United Nations Summit on climate change, held in New York on Tuesday, followed, once again, a time-honoured formula — being preceded by hype and concluding on a note of promise. According to the concluding speech by Ban Ki-moon, the UN Secretary-General, the overwhelming takeaway from the summit was a resurgence of commitment to the mission of reducing carbon emissions around the world by 2020.

The richest man in Saudi Arabia on oil, Isis and Murdoch

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Towering high above the city, with its distinctive inverted arch, is the 992 ft Kingdom Center -- owned by the richest man in Saudi Arabia, if not the Middle East.

Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Al Saud's wealth has been estimated at anywhere between just over $20 billion by Forbes and more than $30 billion by Bloomberg.

Whichever way you look at it, it's a lot of money -- could it be set to grow?

Inside His Majesty's striking skyscraper is the headquarters of Kingdom Holding, one of the largest investment companies on the country's stock exchange.

The new conflicts of the future could be sparked by climate change

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To the long list of the world's woes, add another: the growing impact of climate change, which could heighten tensions among nations and even spark new wars. That's the grim assessment of the government's new National Intelligence Strategy, which lays out what America's top spies think are the major challenges facing U.S. national security.

Climate report details flood risk

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Washington: The nation’s capital is likely to see record flooding by 2050, putting about $7 billion worth of property, three military bases and parts of the National Mall at risk as a result of climate change that is raising sea levels all over the world, according to a report released Tuesday by the research group Climate Central.

That is one of the group’s more conservative estimates in a report titled “Washington, D.C., and the Surging Sea.”