Climate change: don't get scared, get ready

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Following November's climate negotiations in Warsaw, it seems no one is willing to give up any privileges for the benefit of the common good. Anyone observing these talks from the outside might think that if there was ever a time when one could count on politicians to make the right decisions, those days are over. So does that render politics obsolete?

Europe must set a new renewable energy target

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Ministers and their EU colleagues are on the cusp of a decision which could undermine our energy security, push up the cost of power and weaken efforts to tackle climate change. 

As the deadline draws near for the government to decide whether or not to stick with European targets for renewable energy, the consequences of this government’s opposition to a binding goal for 2030 need to be spelled out.

Are most Australians really climate 'agnostics'?

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Former Prime Minister John Howard claimed Australians had "settled into a state of sustained agnosticism" on climate change. Is this true?

Last year, former conservative Australian prime minister John Howardgave a speech at the climate-change denying Global Warming Policy Foundation in London.

Expect storms ahead over local flood crisis funds

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David Cameron had a ready answer when cornered by angry flood victims in Kent, who faced the first days of 2014 knee deep in water with no electricity: blame your council.

Unable either to find suitable words of comfort or promise a ready Whitehall response, the PM adopted the ultimate default position in which English local government provides the answer to all local ills – which, of course, it should, and often does, in spite of being forced to make savings of £20bn this parliament