Technology as our planet's last best hope

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There is a new environmental agenda out there. One that is inimical to many traditional conservationists, but which is picking up kudos and converts. It calls itself environmental modernism – which for many is an oxymoron. Wasn't the environmentalism of Rachel Carson's Silent Spring, Greenpeace's warriors against industrial whaling and the nuclear industry, and efforts to preserve the world's last wild lands, meant to be the antithesis of the modern industrial world?

World’s poorest will feel brunt of climate change

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Droughts, floods, heatwaves, sea-level rises and fiercer storms. The scenario is daunting. And it’s all due to the warming of the Earth as a result of climate change. What’s even more daunting is that it will cause severe hardship in areas that are already poor or were emerging from poverty.

The World Bank issued this warning in a report, urging rich industrialised countries to cut their emissions.

Colorado wildfires force thousands more residents to flee homes

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Fire near Colorado Springs destroys at least 360 properties as it surpasses destruction of 2012's Waldo Canyon fire.

A wildfire in Colorado has destroyed at least 360 homes, as the most destructive blaze in the state's history burned out of control for a third day through miles of tinder-dry woods.

Everest: tourism and climate change provide new challenges

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As the 60th anniversary of conquest looms, climbers and environmentalists fear new strains on the terrain and its people

Unusually for someone who likes to chat, Kenton Cool can barely speak. Exerting himself at high altitude has left his voice a throaty growl. "I cultivate it before going out in the evening," he says from Kathmandu, Nepal, having flown down from Everest base camp that morning.