The heat and lack of rain in the Caribbean

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The heat and lack of rain in the Caribbean

June 16. Caribbean are experiencing some of the hot and dry days in its history. Especially hard to account for residents of Puerto Rico and the capital city of San Juan, where the temperature during the daylight hours for two days does not fall below 38 ° C. This means that a record broken in 1983.

But the surprising weather forecasters is not hot weather, because the average temperature of Puerto Rico remained the same (+35 ° C). Anxiety leads to beat the lack of cool showers and thunderstorms. Because the air in the Atlantic for a long time remained dry, which is usually at this time of year is not the case, the expected tropical rain never formed. Although the monthly rate for the June San Juan is 112 mm. It is reported that some improvement will come closer to the weekend, then return to heat and drought.

The lack of natural regular watering of gardens and agricultural fields have a negative effect on their condition. Contribute to the deterioration of the crop and make a higher temperature, increasing to the same risk of fires. Puerto Rico is not only burns in the fire because of its insular position in the vast ocean that maintains humidity.

Although this combination of extreme heat and humidity affects on human health. Therefore, the country announced an official warning as possible not to engage in active grueling work in the open air in the next few days. Risk groups showed increased intake of fluids.