Wonderful revival of Kamchatka geyser

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From the top it seems that the Valley of Geysers - a single boiling body. Each underground fountain - with its own character. At a photo shoot for the "famous" queues. Tourists are willing to stand for several hours in anticipation of rare footage.

"We see a stage spout. And at any moment expect a geyser eruption "Big" - explains the tour guide.

Next to the favorites and outsiders have. For example, a source with the simple title "Boilers" for a long time was not interested in no tourists and scientists - it does not fit the generally accepted standards. In volcanology geyser - is boiling fountain, but the water temperature in the crater only 85 degrees. Therefore, according to some scholars, this just goes to the surface of the natural trumpet, which gets pairs.

Geyser "Boilers", in contrast to others, do not throw the water up, but rather abruptly pulls her into the ground. Because of this property of the people, he was nicknamed "the bathroom."

And he continued to languish in the shadow of his majestic neighbors. But five years ago, came to the Valley powerful mudflow. Many "local celebrities" were flooded with mud and died. So popular with tourists "Firstborn", which threw out a jet of water up to 15 meters in height, was thrown to the boiling pools. A nondescript outsider able to survive the cataclysm.

"The water was at the same level, there was no rush, no reflux. He was not active. And this season once again earned "- Vyacheslav pleased Batashev, Inspector FSBI" Kronotsky Nature Reserve. "

Now the wrong fountain became the subject of intense study. Scientists tend to consider it, even from the inside.

"This geyser managed to put video camera and see that he is a couple of approach from the side, that is not a vertical channel, and songs" - explained Valery Drosnin, a leading researcher of the Institute of Volcanology and Seismology.

The phenomenon of "pot" yet to be solved. According to one version, before the landslide at the geyser changed internal rhythm. He's on time, "sleep" and therefore could not be revived. If it turns out that this is an intrinsic characteristic and others hope. In that case, the other natural fountains in time will also be able to earn in full force.