The Russian government will allocate to the end of the year the drought-stricken agricultural enterprises of 6 billion rubles

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The Russian government has instructed the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Agriculture and Ministry of Economic Development to provide up to year-end region of the federal budget of 6 billion rubles to support drought-affected agricultural

Decision on the preliminary results of the harvest in 2012 and the formation of the forecast of seasonal agricultural work for the harvest of 2013, adopted at the government session on Thursday, published on the website of the Cabinet on Saturday.

The Government notes that the preparation and implementation of the allocation of funds should be based on the priority of support to agricultural producers, agricultural insurance contracts concluded in respect of the harvest of 2012.

In addition, the Ministry of Agriculture and Ministry of Energy tasked with regional authorities to ensure that farmers have had the necessary amount of fuel and lubricants for the harvesting and sowing of the autumn of 2012.

"Including diesel and gasoline at a discount, in accordance with the signed agreements to supply them", - stated in the decision of the government.

FAS, the Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Industry and Energy Ministry must ensure that monitoring the prices of fuels and lubricants and fertilizers supplied to agricultural producers.

Ministry of Agriculture with the results of the monitoring of prices charged to provide, if necessary, the government agreed the proposals for support of agricultural producers to purchase lubricants and fertilizers for seasonal field work in 2013, RIA Novosti reported.