In a week in Moscow can sharply become cold

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Weather forecasters predict weather improvement in Moscow since Wednesday, on August, 11th. In capital the cold atmospheric front with long-awaited rains, and also thunder-storms and a wind is expected. By the end of August, according to meteorologists, the temperature in a megacity and at all can fall to 11 degrees.

Abnormal heat which keeps more month in capital, can start to fall down next Wednesday - on August, 11th. The same day weather forecasters expect improvement of ecological conditions in a city - atmosphere in capital, at last, will be cleared of a smoke and harmful impurity.

however till Wednesday weather in Moscow will be same heavy, as well as last week. On Monday and Tuesday - on August, 9th and 10, the temperature in capital will make 36–38 degrees. At Night - about 20 degrees. It is not necessary to expect these two days and improvements of a situation with smoke blanketing in a city.


«Since Wednesday there will be a change in an ecological situation. Not to tell that cardinal, but will occur, — have declared GZT.RU in the weather center“ Fobos ”. Air it will be replaced. Air will come from the central Europe with the best влажностными characteristics, less hot. In the latter half of the week humidity characteristics will improve, in places will pass an intermittent rain with thunder-storms».

However considerable fall of temperature in Moscow, according to weather forecasters, current week won't occur.

«the temperature will make at the night of 18-20 degrees, — the expert of center" Fobos ". And day - of 33-35 degrees has declared. Literally on 3–4 degrees there will be a temperature fall».

the Interlocutor GZT.RU has noticed that the situation with a heat can cardinally change next week. However at present, as he said, the detailed forecast at the weather center while isn't present.

the Heat will fall down by the end of summer

that next week a city cardinal changes wait, confirms a weather forecast exposed on an official site of Hydroweather bureau of Moscow and Moscow Region.

both in the first and in the second forecast proves to be true that the next two days - on August,Whether these forecasts However, will come true, it is not known yet.
the Smoke has stopped the airports

Smoke blanketing has essentially complicated work of the capital airports. On Sunday the correspondent GZT.RU, visited Domodedovo, became the witness of how thousand people are compelled to wait for the detained flights. People slept on a floor, directly at representations of airlines, expecting though any information on the flight. Officials, according to passengers, have simply run from the offices.

Moscow pines with abnormal heat and a smoke

extremely difficult ecological conditions has arisen in the Moscow region because of a smoke from the peat fires blazing in Moscow suburbs and the nearest regions. Concentration of carbonic oxide in the Moscow air has exceeded on August, 8th maximum permissible norm more than three times.

«the Situation remains adverse, pollution level high. At the moment concentration of carbonic oxide exceeds norm in 3,1 times, the weighed particles above norm in 3 times, and hydrocarbons above in 2,5 times», — the chief specialist of the State nature protection establishment (ГПУ) has informed GZT.RU on August, 8th "Mosekomonitoring" Alexey Popikov.

Meanwhile fire-dangerous conditions in territory of Moscow Region remain strained. Droughty and hot weather promotes formation all the new centers of ignitions. And because of strong smoke blanketing flights of aircraft of the Ministry of Emergency Measures are cancelled.

on Sunday, on August, 8th, in Moscow Region the increase in small seats of fire has been noted, but in the whole their area was reduced - for a day to 16 hectares, Alexander Chuprijan has informed this very day at meeting in the Ministry of Emergency Measures замглавы the ministries. As he said, it agree to the data for August, 19.00 8th, total number of fires in Moscow suburbs has increased on 19 to 68, from them 27 peat fires. The greatest quantity of fires has arisen in Orehovo-Zuevsky, Pavlovo-Posadsky, Luhovitsky, Shatursky and Egoryevsk areas.

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